Welcome to the HMS Technology Infusion Wiki!


1. Please do not take anyone's name out of the usage schedules without letting the person know.

2. The daily schedule will be printed each day at 8:30AM and will be posted in the LMC, so please put your name into the schedule before 8:30 AM.

3. If you miss the deadline, please call Liz Kaiser and Jen Stoeber at extension 6510 and ask them to add you to the schedule. It is your responsibility to email and notify any teachers who are affected by the addition or deletion of your name to the wiki schedule.


4. PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to infuse with Liz Kaiser, Maayan Sloan, and/or Sami Sutton, please send a separate email to them so that we may plan the project ahead of time and make note of it in our own schedules.


To sign up for the laptop/iPad carts, computer labs, and LMC space click on the links below.


Happy integrating!


Computer Usage Schedule: Includes laptops carts,  Learning Commons space, computer labs, and iPads Carts

HMS App Request Form--Please fill this out to request an app to be put on the iPads. iPads are only updated 4 times a year.


Computers Week of May 30, 2016

Last week of school (carts closed for inventory/ maintenance.) 



LMC Space Schedule


LMC Week of May 30, 2016




A/C Space Schedule


AC Spaces Week of August 31, 2015

AC Spaces Week of September 7, 2015



Equipment Usage Schedule: Cameras, DVD Carts, Document Camera, Video Cameras, SMART Response Systems, etc. 


NOTE: If you need any of the following items, please check them out from the LMC. Please direct your questions/comments to Liz Kaiser at and/or Jen Stoeber at


Equipment Options:

Still Cameras, Video Cameras, Flip Video Cameras, LCD Projectors, TV/DVD Carts, External Drives, and Smart Response Systems.


Broadcast Studio Sign-up

NOTE:  If you need the Broadcast Studio please email Liz Kaiser at Thank you!

Book Series Sign-up: As of August 2015, please use the Google Doc created by C. Welch and A. Ramey.





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